Stars in Orion

For this exercise we will plot the stars in the constellation Orion both by hands and then in Colabs using matplotlib. Read “Lab-StarsInOrion.pdf”. (You can find it in our lab package by clicking on the link under Syllabus.) Create a diagram for the stars in Orion, just the PRESENT. Do this by hand using the chart in the lab. Take picture and insert it to your Colab notebook and/or submit the picture directly to Canvas.

Stars in Orion

Stars in Orion

Next you need to plot the same stars in Orion in Google Colabs using matplotlib. Watch and this tutorial on matplotlib:

You can follow the example below to plot Stars in Orion in Colab or Jupyter notebook:

Plot of Stars in Canis Major in Colab

You need to convert RA real number. For example, 5hr 54min = 5 + (54/60) = 5.9hr. RA = x, and DEC = y. Notice you have to invert the RA. This is because the RA starts high then goes lower.

Watch the same “Python Essential” and do a ~ 1 page summary on Sections 5, 6

Python Essential Training

Finally answer this math question (2 points): if a radio wave has a frequency of 100*10^6 Hz, what is it wavelength? Remember the wavelength and frequency inverse relationship for light.

Submit these to Canvas. You should have three items: (1) Stars in Orion graph by hand. (2) Stars in Orion plot using matplotlib. (3) Answer to math question.