How to Start a Blog With Blogger or Wordpress

For this exercise, you will create a blog either in Google Blogger or You will write and put up two posts. The posts should have pictures and links to video. Link to video is better if it’s embedded. The first post should be about an astronomy topic. You can use the same content when you did your astronomy video assignment. The second post is to write a 1 page summary of “Python Essential Training” sections 9 & 11.

Python Essential Training

You can view the tutorial for how to create a blog here. One of the video on Blogger is long. You can either skim it or search for another tutorial on Youtube. Many of us already have a Google account, so you do not need to create another account if you use Blogger.

Once you are done with the two posts. Make sure to post them on your blog, make it public and paste the link to Canvas so I can see.

Finally anwers this Math problem (2 points): If the Hubble’s constant = H0 = 100 km/s/Mpc. What is the age of the universe in year? See example here:

Finding the Age of the Universe from Hubble Constant