How to Make an Online Quiz Using Google Form

For this exercise we will learn how to make an online quiz using Google Form. Watch the video below or search Youtube for a tutorial on how to create a quiz using Google Forms:

Use Google Forms to create a quiz of 10 questions about the telescope we were using. The name of our telescope is Meade LX200GPS. The size that we used is 8”. You can see the manual here:

Link to Meade LX200GPS Manual

The question should have a variety of formats such as multiple choice, short answer, check box, etc. The questions for exaple could be what is home position? How to do Easy Alignment? Once you are finished, make the link to the quiz public and submit the link to Canvas. Also copy, paste, and submit the correct answers to canvas so I check the quiz.

If you take a look at the example below for practical application, I used Google Forms to create a contact form for my blog:

Contact Form for This Blog